Bonnie World

Here I present some of my wife's photography. I have left the pictures in their original large format size so you can capture all the high definition nuance; click on a photo title to see the photo on a new page. If you're using dialup, I apologize. It will probably load slowly.

The first batch of photos are from a posting I did in August of 2009. The second set are from a "Color Tour" weekend we just completed.



"Beach Sunrise" - A sunrise from one of the B & B's we stayed at during an anniversary getaway.
"Flower Box" - Bonnie can't remember the name of this flower, but it sure is pretty.
"Autumn Leaves" - A nice contrast in colors.
"Evening Glow" - A summer view from our backyard.
"Lighthouse" - We love lighthouses.
"Pebble Beach" - Not the golf course.
"Time and Tide" - A fetching study in shape and motion.
"Before" and "After" - Self-explanatory.
"Loneliness" - A picture waxes poetic.
"Rorschach Pool" - What do you see?
"Violets" - More pretty flowers.
"Snow Swing" - Winter shapes.

2010 Color Tour
"Red Leaf Tree" - We found this tree at a rest stop just northwest of West Branch.
"Roadside Trees" - Pretty much anywhere in Michigan becomes a color tour ... this shot taken along I-75 as we drove north.
"Autumn Expressway Drive" - See what I mean?
"More Red Trees" - An explosion of reds, yellows, oranges, golds.
"Tunnel of Trees - 1" - On State Highway M-119, between Harbor Springs and Cross Village is about 20 miles of winding road with a posted speed limit of 55 mph that you can barely do 30 mph on, and overgrown above you on both sides of the road, nature has created a "Tunnel of Trees."
"Tunnel of Trees - 2" - A small example of the winding road.
"Tunnel of Trees - 3" - Here you see the tunnel-like nature of the trees.
"Tunnel of Trees - 4" - Tall trees loom over you on the drive.
"Scenic Turnout" - Along the way, there are small places for you to pull your vehicle over and enjoy the view of Lake Michigan. Lovely, isn't it?
"Swan Lake" - A swan captured in the midst of ... doing something with that flipper ... at Big Rock Point.
"Torch Lake" - The view from across Torch Lake.
"Torch Lake Reflection" - I think this is my favorite shot of the bunch.