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Check out these web sites I have featured in every Friday's post. They are useful, inspiring or just plain fun to visit. You can see the sites I've featured all the way back through 2005, just click on the years to the left. (Note: if I've done it right, all these links should open in a new window.)


"Mark, you have become a friend that I look forward to reading each day with a cup of coffee. Your e-mails are light-hearted and very funny. Thank you for sharing."
Veona M., List Member

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2010 Web Sites of the Week

December 24.2010:
The Simple Dollar
December 17.2010:
Charity via Shopping
December 10.2010:
How Old is Your Brain?
December 3.2010:
Save Teen Drivers
November 26.2010:
Best of New PopSci
November 19.2010:
Donate DVDs to Kids
November 12.2010:
Hipmunk Flight Finder
November 5.2010:
Asteroid Impact!
October 29.2010:
Find a Corn Maze
October 22.2010:
Mmm...Pumpkin Pie
October 15.2010:
Dictionary Day
October 8.2010:
ZIP Code Zoo
October 1.2010:
Faces in Places
Sep 24.2010:
National Punctuation Day
Sep 17.2010:
Talk Like A Pirate
Sep 10.2010:
Get Ready
Sep 3.2010:
Labor Day Recipes
Aug 27.2010:
Read Comics in Public
Aug 20.2010:
Find a Bed & Breakfast
Aug 13.2010:
Christian Devotions
Aug 6.2010:
Urban Legend? See Snopes
July 30.2010:
Political Primary Education
July 23.2010:
Took a bye. Gave it a miss.
July 16.2010:
Gulf Oil Spill Charity
July 9.2010:
The Emmy's
July 2.2010:
Mind Games at Sporcle
June 25.2010:
Swagbucks for Searching
June 18.2010:
National Center for Fathering
June 11.2010:
Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker
June 4.2010:
Your Car's Repair Pal

May 28.2010:

Reprise: Internet Movie Database

May 21.2010:

The Internet for Kids

May 14.2010:

Little Bits of History

April 5 to May 9, 2010:

Apr 2.2010:
Servant Evangelism
Mar 26.2010:
Took a Bye This Week. Apologies.
Mar 19.2010:
The Skinny on Service Organizations
Mar 12.2010:
Learn the Right Etiquette
Mar 5.2010:
Join the Grammar Police
Feb 26.2010:
Enhance Your Christian Worldview
Feb 19.2010:
Mark Twain. 'Nuff Said.
Feb 12.2010:
Remind Yourself
Feb 5.2010:
Ideas for Valentine's Day
Jan 29.2010:
Play a Game. Feed a Dog or Cat.
Jan 22.2010:
Haiti Earthquake
Jan 15.2010:
Food Safety
Jan 8.2010:
Best Time to Buy Stuff
Jan 1.2010:
Shameless Self-Promotion