Unsolicited Testimonials

Here are what some people are saying about Mark's Musings. (Used with permission.)



"You bring smiles to my day."
Rickie B., List Member



"Mark, you are APPRECIATED! I use your humor in my sermons on a regular basis. You are contributing to my ministry."
Conrad K., List Member

"Mark, you have become a friend that I look forward to reading each day with a cup of coffee. Your e-mails are light-hearted and very funny. Thank you for sharing."
Veona M., List Member

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your Musings. One of my favorite things to look at are the credits at the end. You always put something from the current funny there. Thanks for the time you put into the funnies."
Robin S., List Member

"I really enjoy your daily messages ... I have learned so much and always make time to read them."
Diane S., List Member

"Love your mailing, you really give me some good laughs sometimes, and some very interesting stuff to go along with those laughs!"
Pat K., List Member

"It is always nice to get your emails and get my day started off in a good way."
Lisa H., List Member

"You are a very good writer and are doing a remarkable job in a very little space. Thank you for all the web sites and links you have sent me over the years!"
Frankie B., List Member

"Thanks, Mark, I sure needed the laugh!!"
Johanna B., List Member

"I have only been receiving your e-mail for about a month now, but it is one that I look forward to each day. It is short, inspirational, and humorous. Thank you."
David S., List Member

"I start every day with your e-mail."
Frank K., List Member

"Your post definitely brings many laughs and keep up the good work."
Shannon S., List Member

"Laughed out loud and I'm at work!"
Carl B., List Member

"Your emails are uplifting, jaunty, always full of God's loving Spirit which shines through like rays of sunshine on a cloudy day!!"
Susan B., List Member

"Loved today's post ... it was a great way to start out the morning!"
Vicky F., List Member

"Thanks again for all you do. There are a bunch of us out here that really appreciate your efforts."
Bonnie D., List Member

"Thanks for bringing pleasure to my day with your 'musings.' "
Richard A., List Member

"For a whole year again I've read your musings ... I've been entertained, enlightened, and inspired."
Peggy V., List Member

"Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how my husband and I love your e-mail. We look forward to getting it!"
Eunice C., List Member